Shootout Lane

An atypical southern family of world-champion competitive shooters and custom gun manufacturers take on their own family members and the world from the Louisiana compound where they live.
Jerry Miculek
Arguably history’s greatest shooter; enormously likable, charismatic, eclectic… and we use the term loosely. After all, Jerry is someone who describes his favorite smell as “fresh tires” and counts the almonds in candy bars to ensure he’s getting his money’s worth.
Lena Miculek
A twenty-something prodigy, a multiple world champion shooter in her own right, crazy smart – and a smart aleck – and the Producer/Director/Creator/Ramrod of the Miculek’s hugely successful YouTube Channel, “Shoot Fast”. She has a million things for Jerry to do, among them making sure her guns are competition ready and getting the videos filmed.
Kay Miculek
The undisputed ruler of Shootout Lane is Jerry’s wife, Kay, daughter of legendary competitor, gunsmith and World War II hero Jim Clark Sr. She is the classic Southern Matriarch, steel magnolia to the core.
Clark Brothers
Jess and Logan Clark are continuing the long legacies of Jim Clark Sr. & Jr., their grandfather and father respectively, in the custom manufacturing of world-class competition ready firearms.  This pair are serious competitive shooters in their own right and are just as ambitious in the custom shop, pushing the boundaries of design and function in firearms to the limit.